Large Paddington bear with suitcase


 This wonderful  classic bear by Rainbow Designs is every child's dream toy . His fur is brown and soft with big eyes and a big smile. Bright red wellies with a matching hat, blue removable coat and a brown suitcase . Ideal collectible licenced toy.  38cm tall. Hand wash 
suitable 12m +

Baby octopus


this innovative  super cuddly octopus is a natural soother for baby.  the body of the octopus is soft against new skin while the twisting tentacles are like the umbilical cord that babies held onto , helping to develop their grasp reflex. suitable for premature babies.
size 23cm.
machine washable.
100% polyester..

Crochet horse


 Brightly coloured crochet horse with blue or pink bridal and  saddle. Handmade and fair trade. 100% cotton . Height 22cm approx. Width 13cm approx. Machine washable

Large knitted triceratops


Super huggable triceratops, hand crafted  and ethically sourced. He is ideal for any dinosaur crazy child!  100% Acrylic with 100% polyester fill. Height 20cm , length 39cm these measurements are approximate. Machine washable  and safe from birth.

Knitted woolly mammoth


 This unique hand crafted mammoth has fun detail and almost real tusks!  He is made from 100% Acrylic outer and 100% polyester fill. He is warm, soft and child friendly . He is safe from birth and machine washable so he is parent friendly also .  Height 19cm approx. Length 30cm approx. 0+

Large knitted T Rex


this large knitted toy is chunky , strong, angry and green !  He shows up on CBeebies daily and is one of the favourites in the show. He is 36cm tall and 30cm long . Safe from birth 0+ machine washable . 100% Acrylic outer , 100% polyester fill. 

Large knitted sausage dog


super quality knitted sausage dog with stitched eyes and a soft nose , wearing a very cute knitted multi coloured jumper. 100% acrylic.
machine washable , safe from birth. Approx. 23cm tall and approx. 28cm from tip of tail to chest.

crochet frog rattle


wonderfull  green and blue fair trade frog rattle  by pebble, handmade with 100% cotton  yarn . size approx.  height 20cm, width 14cm. machine washable.

mini knitted t-rex rattle


 this best selling baby toy and rattle is the perfect size for babies small hands to hold. ethically sourced, 100% acrylic , machine washable. safe from birth

sabre tooth tiger mini rattle


unusual coloured knitted sabre tooth  rattle 100% acrylic ethically sourced, safe from birth.

Giant snake


this soft touch snake is over  4 metres long and will easily coil around a child! he has realistic markings that are silky to touch and big shining eyes.
surface washable
age 3+

Kangaroo and joey


Large kangaroo  that is seriously cute made with soft plush materials and independent standing, plus a small lifelike  joey That can be removed or carried in the pouch.
standing at 91cm  with a strong tail for balance 
age 3+